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You meet all kinds of people in the real estate business.   But, there are certain people you have an immediate connection.  Martin is one of those people.

Martin was not referred to me.  He found me online doing a typical Google search.  Martin loves to tell stories about his life and all his travels with his wife, Alice.  I guess working as a CNA in a nursing home while going through high school gave me a special appreciation for the elderly.  Who doesn't love listening to stories?  I sure do.

After selling his house in Milaca and then helping him find investment property; we ended up working nearly a year together.  We got to know each other so well that our meetings were five minutes real estate and the rest of the time was about life. He's a tough cookie. He doesn't trust easily.  I earned his trust, and the trust of his family. It's been a truly humbling experience.

The images below is the actual review I received after our final real estate transaction.  I have to admit it brought tears to my eyes.

Thank you, Martin. You are a true friend who made this girl feel special.

I love my job!


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